The Holy Saint of Odisha

Bhakta Dasia Bauri was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath in the 15th century AD. He was born into a low caste of weavers’ family and lived with his wife Malati in a hut on a small piece of land. For a living he did his traditional weaving. They lived in abject poverty and managing two meals a day was not possible on several occasions.Those days there was the tradition of having a prayer hall in the village where the Bhagabata texts were read aloud and explained in discourses. The villagers assembled for the occasion. But this prayer hall was kept away the untouchable castes, and Dasia Bauri too was a victim of this. ...Read More

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Dasia Bauri, as referred in the ancient text, was born in Baliagon in the 15th century. Dasia belonged to a weaver’s community. A visit to Puri to see the car festival transformed him into a serious devotee, who, could see the presence of the lord at his home when his wife served him a freshly-cooked rice with leafy vegetables. In fact, the all-white rice being served on the background of a new utensil, the leafy vegetable serving looked like the eye of Lord Jagannath and he danced in joy.


Dasia used to weave clothes and sell them at Praharajpur, a nearby village dominated by the Brahmins. There he also came to know that the rich villagers go to Puri on their bullock carts. Once he discovered a coconut tree bearing fruit at Praharajpur village. However, the tree owner asked for a newly weaved towel in exchange of the fresh coconut from Dasia. As Dasia was determined to donate the fresh fruit from the tree to Lord Jagannath, he agreed on the proposal and took the coconut home.


When the rich villagers from Praharajpur started preparing to leave for their Puri, Dasia approached one of them and asked if he could carry the coconut with him. However, there was a condition imposed by the devotee of Lord Jagannath. “You will offer the coconut to my Lord. If he receives it from your hand then only you give it to Him, otherwise, bring the coconut back,” said the rider.


Surprised, the villagers made a fun of Dasia saying that they were taking cart-load of prasad on every trip, but the lord had never taken a small portion of it.


How will He accept the coconut given by Dasia. However, they took the coconut from Dasia and went to Puri. Perhaps the villagers were pre-occupied with their own offerings so they could not offer the coconut inside the temple. While moving on the Grand Road they suddenly realised this and offered the fruit to the Trinity near the temple gate.


Surprising all present there, the coconut disappeared from the hands of the villager. The story spread like wildfire. When the villagers of both Baligaon and Praharajpur came to know this then they were more surprised. It only enhanced the image of Dasia as it proved that the simple villager can communicate with the lord directly and the Lord of the Universe also accepts the offerings from the former.


The Gotha Gadia  is a small pond in the Dasia Pitha but  has amazing history..Famous Pancha Sakha witnessed Ratha Jatra and Dasa Avtar of Lord in a reflection in the Gotha Gadia.It is believed that person suffering from critical disease get cured by sprinkling water from the Gotha Gadia and taking Kanji Pani from the nearby Radha Mohan Matha. People pay such regard to the Gotha Gadia that nobody takes bath in the pond and nobody catches fish from the Pond. Nobody has seen the Gotha Gadia getting dry on any day. It keeps flowing showering blessings to the devotees.

Adjecent to the Dasia Pitha is a Tulasi Garden maintained by SriJagannath Ashrita Mandali from where Tulsi leaves are supplied to Lord Jagannath everyday. The garden has a pond where lotus also blooms which is send to SriMandira for the Lord.